Wednesday, 17 October 2012

It's Time To Shine!

Assalamualaikum and salam 1Malaysia.

Are you feeling well enough today? Does your assignments gives you a bad headache? Hmm. Everybody seems to be like a 'scary zombie in the house' because didn't get enough sleep. same goes to me and myself :( Aaaaaaa. Feel like having a big rock on my head. 

To be honest, sometimes we are having difficulty in finding our own leisure time doing what we love and most passionate about. Why this phenomenon happened? Did you try to find the solutions instead just rambling here and there? Hey, COME ON. This is your time. This is the right time for you to shine on. *deep breath*


KARISMA UPSI, as one of the most active and aggressive club in Sultan Idris Education University(UPSI). We providing a lots of activities and experiences directly to you =') By providing the most valuable things you and I, I am pretty sure that by joining this club, you will never feel any regret even for a seconds. 

KARISMA UPSI can be such a great platform for you to shine on. Your participation in all the activities conducted by KARISMA UPSI will helps you to release out your stress and pressure doing the assignments. Having a wonderful times with all the members also can develop a strong bond among the members in the club. WE WORK AS A TEAM, WE MOVE AS ONE FAMILY =) Besides that, by joining this club, you and yourself also can boost up your confident! Hey, wake up all the future teachers-to-be! Malaysia need you, your well attitude and wide knowledge for the next generations.what are waiting for? Do make your own move. NOW OR NEVER. You decided for your own benefits.

Take care!


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